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The Source for employees

When you have challenges going on at home, it can have an impact on your ability to be present at work, we’re here to connect you to community resources to find solutions.  We’ll work with you, while we navigate through those challenges together.


Resource Navigators take the time to research and understand your situation so that they can find solutions and resources.

The Source can assist with:

  • Getting caught up on mortgage or rent

  • Finances, budgeting, & household expenses

  • Utility subsidies

  • Stress & mental health

  • Car repairs & reliable transportation

  • Medical bills

  • Affordable childcare resources

  • Food & nutrition resources

  • Understanding health benefits

  • Goal setting and building healthy habits

  • Education and career advancement

  • Building Emergency savings

  • Retirement planning

  • Buying a home or car

  • Understanding & using employee benefits

The right resources for your needs begins here.

Step 1

Fill out the online form and a Resource Navigator will contact you within 48 hours

Step 2

We'll set up a 30 minute conversation to talk about your current situation.

Step 3

We'll work together to create a game plan to improve your current situation

Step 4

We'll connect you to the best community resources

Step 5

We'll continue to work with you on your long-term goals

How can The Source help?

Services that I am interested in learning more about:

Thanks for submitting! A Resource Navigator will be in touch soon.

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