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Our employer members recognize that their employees have lives outside of work that can be  complicated, sometimes impacting their ability to come to work mentally and physically prepared. They also recognize that their HR and leadership teams are not equipped to help their employees navigate through most of these challenges.


The Source can help to mitigate these challenges employees are facing that results in improved retention.


The Source team works hard to build a relationship with each employer partner to be seen as an extension of their HR and leadership teams. We track every interaction we have with employees and provide regular data insights on the challenges employees are facing. These insights can help your business to better tailor benefits packages, consider internal policies and procedures, and advocate for your employees.

The Source deploys a Resource Navigator, or private caseworker, to each member company that meets with employees 1:1 to work to empower the employee to navigate through the barriers/ challenges they are facing today. 

We build a relationship with each client/ employee and take the time to dig deeper to find the root cause of the struggle and will continue to support an employee to overcome so that they do not have to face this barrier again in the future.

We help employees to work on goals that will result in greater stability in their home and life and financial security.

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