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The SOURCE Celebrates 20 Years

Updated: Feb 29

Grand Rapids, Mich., September 21, 2023— The SOURCE celebrated its 20th anniversary alongside community partners and supporters at a gathering at the Goei Center in Grand Rapids. 

”Twenty years ago, the SOURCE was started with an idea that making resources available to stabilize employee’s lives would be good for our businesses and create environments where people knew they were valued,” said Mark Peters, CEO of Butterball Farms (a founding SOURCE partner) and author of The SOURCE. “Today The SOURCE has grown to include 25 member companies with over 12,000 people having access to their services. They have cared for almost 8,000 people and interceded in resolving over 14,000 barriers. The SOURCE is an integral part of helping us create work environments where people can thrive. They help people move from instability to stability—and as our world continues to get more complex and less personal, we all need trusted and knowledgeable relationships in our lives. The SOURCE is more relevant than ever.”

In 2022, The SOURCE assisted 1,041 people in overcoming barriers to employment. The organization has increased the number of partner companies by 30% in the past two years and has been a partner in several of West Michigan’s most innovative employment initiatives including R.I.S.E. Up with Trinity Health and Latin Americans United for Progress’ workforce development program.


“This is an incredible milestone for our organization and a true testament to the impact our team has every day,” said The SOURCE’s Executive Director, Alison Freas. “Even as we have grown and diversified to better serve our community, The SOURCE team has remained steadfast in our commitment to empowering our clients to achieve their goals and improve their well-being. We are excited to carry on this important work with our employer partners and we will continue to seek out opportunities to affect lasting change for every person and every community we serve.”

The SOURCE thanks Cascade Engineering, Lumbermen’s Inc., Spectrum Industries, Grand Rapids Community College, Fred and Beth Mellema, i-3 Leadership, Mark Peters, MillerKnoll, Pinnacle Wealth Advisors, and Butterball Farms for sponsoring their 20th anniversary celebration. 

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About The SOURCE

The SOURCE creates equitable access to opportunities for career growth and improved well-being by stabilizing households, strengthening employment retention, and advocating for changes in community policies to eliminate inequities and systemic barriers to employment. Since its founding in 2003, The SOURCE has grown to serve clients across West Michigan and today partners with many of the region’s most influential employers, philanthropic organizations, and community-based organizations to improve economic well-being for everyone, including many of the most historically underserved populations in West Michigan.


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