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Wyoming Kentwood Chamber of Commerce Honors Amanda Villa

Updated: Feb 29

The SOURCE team celebrated Amanda Villa at the Wyoming Kentwood Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner. Amanda was named the Daniel VanDyke Volunteer of the Year for her work with the Chamber. Amanda joined the Chamber in 2022 and took a role as Chair of the Young Professionals Group. Her work with the Chamber gave her a firsthand view of how important Chamber connections are to our work within the Wyoming Kentwood community, and soon after she began volunteering, she advocated for The SOURCE to become a Chamber member. Being a member of the Chamber has helped us expand our network in the Wyoming and Kentwood communities. 

We are fortunate that we get to witness the impact Amanda has on her colleagues and clients every day. Her commitment to making a difference energizes all of us and we are inspired to see our community recognize her contributions, too.


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